I started playing the piano when I was four and the viola when I was nine. I have a Performer’s Certificate in solo piano from the Trinity College London, UK. I played the viola in the Penang Symphony Orchestra (PSO) for nine years. At the age of thirteen I represented Malaysia (viola) at the 4th ASEAN Youth Music Workshop in Bangkok, Thailand (1996) and was a participant of the Kumamoto International Music Festival in Japan (1996), while being a member of PSO.

I played the keyboard in a rock band called Miss Proper and the Moving Targets (MP&TMT) back in Geneva, Switzerland. We came together in 2009 while all working at CERN, and the band is made up of all physicists or engineers.

Over the years we performed mainly for local audience at CERN and in Geneva local pubs. The band’s repertoire mostly consists of classic late 80’s and 90’s rock music, with some modern pop songs thrown in, re-arranged and metalised.


If you ask me to name a favourite musician, Amanda Palmer comes to mind. Watch this awesome TED talk of hers if you haven’t yet. It’s called The Art of Asking and might change your life.


Playing at the Miss Switzerland Finals


One of the crazy things I did – accompanying Melanie Fiona and Stress during the Miss Switzerland Finals:


Classical / Pop


Back in Germany some time around 2007 I got involved with a group of musical friends and performed in a national singing competition.

On the piano performing Stephanie Sun’s ‘Tian Hei Hei’:


On the violin for a self-composed song:


Accompanying a friend on the guitar (he went on to win 1st prize in the competition):