• December 29, 2008

Dark Nature

Evil is a product of historical development – genetically, ecologically and sociologically. Fundamentally, human beings are not so much different from animal. We learn a lot about human nature by studying our fellow occupants of the earth. The universe exists because the multiplicity of elements which compose it combine in exactly the right proportions and […]

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  • December 12, 2008

Simone de Beauvoir

Life is occupied in both perpetuating itself and surpassing itself; if all it does is maintaining itself, then living is merely not dying. – Simone de Beauvoir One of the most prominent female philosophers/writers in recent history, I think Simone de Beauvoir portrays someone that I want to be. Intrinsically. Some things changed along the […]

  • November 15, 2008

The Year of Living Biblically

A documentation of A.J. Jacobs (a secular, journalist, liberal new york jew) who vows to spend a year living strictly according to every percept in the bible. There are a lot of strangely outrageous things you will have to do or rules that you have to abide if you were to live a life following […]

  • October 22, 2008

The Google Story

Don’t be evil. As simple, direct and amusingly wacky the google’s slogan seems to be, there is actually a bigger meaning behind it. The two google founders (Sergey Brin and Larry Page) are actually quite cute, not like the dorks I imagine them to be. Ha. If you have the abilities and you are confident […]