• May 21, 2019
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Universal ideology?

Some thoughts that have been brewing in my head for a while. I want to write them down, partly to help myself articulate my thoughts, but also to see if netizens have anything interesting to say. — Politics and the way the world is organised (i.e. into nation states) are inherently nationalistic. However, the biggest […]

  • April 23, 2018

After Sunset

At night, as he is drifting off to sleep, in the twilight zone between dream and wakefulness he mutters, “you’re my wife.” and smiles contentedly as if it is some kind of achievement. I watch his peaceful face, listen to his slowing breaths, and sigh. How simple happiness can be.    

  • February 19, 2017

Thirty Four

This is going to be a dark one, isn’t it? It is the ninth year you are doing this and motivation seems to be on short supply this time. Especially when the year that has been was 2016. But let’s at least try. You owe it to your downtrodden spirit. Despite your annoying tendency to […]

  • November 11, 2016

Post US Election Reflections of a non-American Citizen

The result of the US elections has shaken me to my core. I am surprised by my own reaction and the heartache I am feeling about the election of a country that is not even my own. I have been trying very hard to figure out the source of my disquiet and disappointment. I have […]

  • March 8, 2016

Toastmasters speech #9: All in Good Time

“You are such a freak!” The words pierced my heart. I stood frozen in my spot while my friends laughed and moved on nonchalantly as if they hadn’t just shattered my heart. The reason they were calling me a freak? My hair. Dear madam toastmasters, ladies and gentlemen, have you ever gotten a very bad […]

  • February 19, 2016

Thirty Three

It was the best of times and it was the worst of times. That about sums up your year doesn’t it? The sea of change very nearly engulfed you but I would be surprised if after all these years you haven’t learned to claw through the muddiest of muds. You are a messy fighter. You’ve […]

  • August 10, 2015

Toastmasters speech #6: Lost in Translation

Language. The oldest and most lasting form of human communication. The thing that sets us apart from other creatures roaming the face of Earth. Dear mister toastmasters, ladies and gentlemen, I love languages and today I would like to share with you why I love them. Thanks to my incredible fortune of being born in […]

  • July 23, 2015


There are moments that feel like a snake. They move in slow motion and their movements are a gliding continuum. You trace your fingers along my back and say it feels like silk. When we wrestle under the covers and I bite your neck, we couldn’t catch our breaths but you didn’t want me to […]

  • June 30, 2015

The Base of Two

When the contours of our last rapid movement settled into my subconscious, I suddenly realised I have been lying to myself all this while. I tried to trace back my steps, like what we learned in school whenever something is lost, but I never found that last piece of puzzle. I still do not understand […]

  • May 24, 2015


In between pauses of suffocation, there are stolen little glints of ecstasy. There is nothing symbolic about my wanting you to be inside. Really, nothing. I categorically put on various masks of defiance, the occasional frown is perhaps the only one you noticed. But there is so much more than that. On the brim of […]

  • April 20, 2015

The Cosmic Comic

It all started as a joke, I think. Some cosmic effects from three billion years ago when a butterfly fluttered her wings. Fourteen billion years of stagnancy and then bang. It’s poetic in a sadistic way how the random act of expansion brought me here today. The puppet master of this act is undoubtedly kooky. […]

  • March 30, 2015

Let’s Talk About Love

“You complete me.” Jerry Maguire uttered those words and swept legions of female off their feet. Why is it that human beings seek their other halves? What is it that maintains and fortifies the bond between two people? What is this mystic power that dictates our longing to be ‘completed’? Why do we love? Why […]