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The Cosmic Comic

It all started as a joke, I think. Some cosmic effects from three billion years ago when a butterfly fluttered her wings. Fourteen billion years of stagnancy and then bang. It’s poetic in a sadistic way how the random act of expansion brought me here today. The puppet master of this act is undoubtedly kooky. You are not in my equation and I am the password protected entrance to your forever never after. In between angry words and deafening silence I suddenly understood. Our perfection is scarred. My resentment towards ordinariness is fatal and I wonder if the illusion encircling our aircastle will ever crumble under the weight of our expectations. I feel myself floundering about in a muddle of keen apprehension and indignance. You sputter words that feel like velvet cover of a nightfall and I look on in wonderment. But we are both tired, like trishaws trottling along a pebbled road. What the fuck am I doing here? And then that night we fell asleep together, you place your head close to mine and I can feel your eyelashes fluttering against my cheek. In this coincidental mess of pain and destiny we found eachother. You broke the hymen to my nomadic sanctuary. I am furious and ecstatic, I want to leave but I want to stay. And so I did.


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