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Adaptive Content

One of the most insightful talks on content strategy.

Karen McGrane on Adaptive Content

  • Content should be designed for reuse and ‘platform agnostic’ (forget web first or print first).
  • The idea that you are not in the magazine publishing business, you are not in the web publishing business, you are in the content publishing business, and thinking about how to set up your content so that it can go someplace in the future, means thinking flexibly about reuse.
  • What it means is that you have to create multiple sizes of your content. There has to be meaningful metadata attached to it so that in the future different platforms can query it, and the content has to be written with an eye to reuse.
  • COPE – Create Once and Publish Everywhere. Set up an API that allows people to take content from a variety of different providers. They can take content from content providers; text from a variety of different sources, from all their member stations. They can take music content from a variety of different providers. And what they do is they run that through an API, which allows them to have access to clean, well-structured content that then can be queried by these individual platforms. So what it lets them do is they can get their content out onto a wide variety of different devices and platforms very easily.


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