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Creators of things are people like anybody else. They have flaws, often major flaws, like anybody else. They are nevertheless often able to create art that is moving, meaningful, emotionally involving, satisfying, and beloved. This is a very strange alchemy that doesn’t really make much coherent sense. Humans create art that is better than they, the humans themselves, are. No one actually knows how this is possible or how we do it or where it comes from or why our brains are built to allow for it. It is just one of those things. It looks like magic, and it can be upsetting to fans. The idea that behind the thing that they love, that affects them deeply and truly and that brings meaning and beauty to their lives, is an actual person who you might or might not actually like as a person, is disconcerting and can be troubling.

– Josh Lewis

This more or less summarises my sentiments with Richard Dawkins, Lawrence Krauss and few other prominent writers who are capable of creating proses so profound they make me shudder, but also behaviours so troubling they confound even the most open of minds.


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