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Dresden 3 days trip. I must admit, I didn’t have much impression about this city except that it is one of the most famous Eastern German city. I ended up liking the city more than I expected. It’s lively, both modern and modest and still maintains a tinge of the Eastern German charm.

Quaint coffee shops with an owner that rather watch Mamma Mia (by the way, did you know that this movie beat Titanic as the best selling movie in the UK? nutters) than to serve her customers. Sport shop’s salesman whose first question when he knew that I lived in Germany was “Funny country huh, isn’t it?”. Christmas market amidst construction site. Questionable fashion. Dodgy shopping streets with more big (I swear some of them are bigger than a horse) dogs than people. A Neustadt (”new city”) which looks more ancient than the Altstadt (”old city”). American bar with red lights and 19cm burger.



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