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Hacking Happiness

True happiness comes from within. I believe true happiness comes from living with a core set of values you’ve chosen for yourself and then ensuring each of your actions, all day, stems from these values. At the end of the day you can ask yourself if you lived in accordance with your values. If you did, you should feel happy. Not a momentary high from a fun night out or a win at work, but a deeper feeling of happiness. A sense of inner peace. Calm.

Believing that you are in control of your life also makes you happier. And yep, backed up by science:

a study by Yale psychologist Judith Rodin, who offered nursing home residents a few simple decisions to make about their lives: how to arrange their furniture, where to receive visitors and which day of the week to watch a film shown at the home. Eighteen months later, the group offered these options was more alert, active and happy than a control group not offered similar choices?—?and, shockingly, had exactly half the mortality rate




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