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Let’s talk about everything and nothing.

For the past few weeks I was troubled by a very strange thought. Strange, not because it was outer-spacely nor bizarrely exciting as I am inclined to be attracted to. But because it was very uncharacteristic of me. I realized that I might very well be living the best years of my life. Liberty, friends, love, hobbies, career, money, health – oh hey look, they are balancing peacefully on my happiness scale, for possibly the very first time in my life. And that is a pretty scary thought, isn’t it? That someday they might all go away, that I might not want them as much anymore. That my priorities will be all screwed, and that I might never find myself back in this place again. You know the slippery hand syndrome? I still have it – holding on to things is always difficult for me. And I have never wanted to hold on as much as I do now. But that scares me too.

Narwhals. A predator whale with a long unicorn tusk. Legend has it that the tusk was created when a woman with a harpoon rope tied around her waist was dragged into the ocean after the harpoon had struck a large narwhal.

Nature is amazing. Evolution is mind-boggling. Wickedly so.

I lately became friends with this girl who is incredibly spiky. She’s so different from the usual girls that I meet from my work place. Messy, sharp, funny, kind, playful, unpredictable and alarmingly intelligent. Sometimes she reminds me of myself if I had grown up in an infinitely open-space, in the wild, sans radar detection, without cultural and parental constraints and conventionally defined adjectives. I must admit that I am fascinated and unabashedly attracted. She says I am a closet hippie. I kinda like that.

I’m simultaneously reading a book about objectivism, a book about ants, a book about human trafficking in Japan and a book about Barack Obama (*guffaw*). The point of me saying this is not to let you in to the fact that I have ADD, nor the fact that I am literaturely polygamous, but I do want to remind myself that well, I need a new book shelf. Or maybe two.

“I have trouble catching up with you.” And just like that, he defeated me.


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