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Five days conference in Prague.

Second time visit to the city and its still beautiful. The weather wasn’t kind though. And being surrounded by a buncha tech-crazed genius can sometimes be overwhelming. But the 1 euro Czech beer more than make up for it. Almost got conned by an attractive waitress. Prague is mesmerizing during the night. Prague castle looks better from far than when I was in the middle of it. Coffee and pancakes in the highest tower of the city overlooking the city. I still can’t speak “hello” in Czech despite the taxi driver repeating the word for like, 14 times. Had too much meat for meals and hereby declare myself a vegetarian for the next urm, 2 hours. Banquet dinner in a hotel on an island, swing band with four delightful female singers. Realised I like the city less than when I first visited it five years ago, probably due to the lack of novelty. Brick roads are a pain in the ass to walk on, no matter how good they look against my red sneakers.



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