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Note: This piece was originally published in CERN Student Club’s “Creative Voices” in 2010. The website is now under major revamp, so I am republishing it here.

Running along the fringes of existence
I wander the two spaces of my lifelong presence
One that bred me and one that breeds
From where I came and to where the journey leads
Trailing along some disfigured memories
The humid ensemble of childhood alleys
Where does the winding end?
Where does the heart land?

Pining down fractions of noetic victory
Searching for meaning in a breathless frenzy
Moments of fear and pauses of longing
Tip toeing tears and unconfessed yearning
If I stay long enough
If I fight and cheer and wonder and laugh
The frenzy will rest, the circus will empty
And I will find my familiar alley

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