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Have you ever faced an invisible wall? That’s how I feel now. Confinement. Constraints. Restrictions. Invisible because they are all in my head. Trapped in a hypothetical space shoddily built upon some flimsy but stubborn and evasive tissues and transported by erratic neurons. All the toughest decisions in life, all my ponderings and agony. You think they reside in your cerebral cortex but actually they are all cunningly tucked away in some old forgotten attic, waiting to spring on you at 4 o’clock on a Tuesday afternoon. And you know what we all are? We are all slaves of our minds. Our uncanny (not to mention annoying) ability to find patterns where there are none, our tendency for confirmation biases, our natural need to rationalize irrational acts and thoughts when reprimand should have been appropriate, our inclination towards wishful thinking when we should be waking up and y’know, smell the shit.

Nothing is more elucidating than your own stupidity. Really, nothing.



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