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The Art of Simplicity

Sometimes while crawling the web I stumble upon a piece of article that tugs on my heartstring or makes me ponder. And I notice one thing they often have in common is this – they use simple words. I seldom need to pause in the middle of my reading to google anything in the article. This brings about a fluidity in my comprehension and in turn my appreciation for the author’s thoughts. I often mistake the feature of a well crafted article as one which is laden with abstruse, sophisticated phrases. But I remember someone once told me this about physics –  if you can’t explain something simply, you haven’t fully understood it. Drawing on the same principle, writing and physics are the same thing. Simplicity implies clarity. You do not need the thesaurus to touch hearts. What does you enliven the opaque hollow in my soul convey that you make me happy can’t? Writing is perhaps one of the few skills where less is more and simple is ample.




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