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Things I Learn from the Internet – 1

Note: Things I Learn from the Internet is a series of post containing snippets of wisdom collected from stuff I read on the WWW which do not warrant a post in itself. 

– be gracious when your startup fails

– write up a post-mortem when that happens, because

[…] willingness to be humble and transparent is admirable, and could increase willingness of investors to back his future projects.

– having a great product is not the only thing that makes a company successful

– marketing, distribution and good positioning against competitors are equally important, if not more.

  • Useful tools and services

Dribbble (portfolio for designers – a marketplace to look for designers)

99designs (web design, logo, business card design, etc)

elancer (hire freelancers) (for business to create and maintain personal relationship with their customers)

stripe (API and tools that enable business to immediately accept online payments)

Protypical websites: Prototypicality is the basic mental image your brain creates to categorize everything you interact with. From furniture to websites, your brain has created a template for how things should look and feel.

Cognitive Fluency: the brain prefers to think about things that are easy to think about. That’s why you prefer visiting sites where you instinctively know where everything is at, and you know what actions you’re supposed to take.



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