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Things I Learn from the Internet – 2

Note: Things I Learn from the Internet is a series of post containing snippets of wisdom collected from stuff I read on the WWW which do not warrant a post in itself.

(refresh for new ‘strategy’)

Hilarious and who knows might come in handy some day 😉

  • Web design tools

designsignoff (get sign off on designs)

– user research tools:, whatusersdo,

– A/B testing tool: Optimizely

by writing simple search queries.

– Do not blindly follow user demands. Instead, double down on analytics to find, observe and build for actual user behaviours

– Growth is the only thing that matters if you are building a social network (engagement? much less)

– Brand and Agencies:

Be polite, but postpone brand and agency “intros” until you’ve built your own audience. If you build it, they will come (and pay).

Corollary: Investors know this. You sound stupid when you talk about your impending “big deal” with “XYZ brand” that’s going to drive massive customer acquisition and revenue.

– Focus on one or two priorities (features) only, at any moment

– Incubator is not always great. Select carefully and know when to leave.




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