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Things I Learn from the Internet – 6

Note: Things I Learn from the Internet is a series of post containing snippets of wisdom collected from stuff I read on the WWW which do not warrant a post in itself.

  • 14 things to do after installing Ubuntu 14.04: most of them also applicable for earlier or future versions of Ubuntu.
  • Aberdeencloud: high performance Drupal hosting
  • Contently: enables journalists and brands to engage audience with compelling stories. Helps freelance writers build their portfolio, with unique URL and no coding required.
  • Meldium: Access all your apps in one place (supports more than 1300 apps, including basecamp, GitHub, Google apps, etc). Also a password manager with single sign on, one-click employee onboarding. One dashboard with all necessary apps.
  • Rapid7: IT security and data and analytics tool (free tools available).
  • Google Analytics report: Automatically generates infographics for your Google Analytics report.
  • SquareSpace: Easy tool to build website, from domain to SEO, analytics, design, etc.
  • Awesome CV designs


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