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I find myself thrust into an abyss of arid non-happenings when reminiscing your past year. As if on cue, the left brain began its defensive and reactionary search for applause-worthy items in theAchievements compartment. To be fair, you did have some splendid moments, and the result card yields not hearty sighs. But you seemed to have lost the earnest ferocity to attain values that reach beyond norms and societal benchmarks. Your actions appeared bounded by that damned bucket list and unfulfillment seemed to plague your quest for meaning. And boy have you been slacking off on writing. Change that, will ya? I hope I am wrong, but somewhere along the year you seemed to have lost your signature sparkly zest to tediousness and worries. Has your job bogged you down? I can only hope that what you lost you will gain in another form, some other time. You got married to the love of your life, friendships grew fewer but tighter and you made efforts to talk frequently to your folks at home. Bravo on that. 2013 looks choppy and exciting, change is on the horizon and the year seems rife with unpredictability. Do remember your armory of fortitude, resourcefulness and confidence. Your track record testifies to a certain dexterity in navigating risky labyrinths, so I am sure you will survive the ride. Read plenty and write even more. You are born to do that. Don’t ever lose your ability to summon childlike awe to the simplest things. Remember that whatever you may lose along the way, you can’t lose your conscience and your integrity. Care more for people, politics, and the environment. Stop being so stubborn and let yourself be taken care of. Be a big social experiment in getting what you don’t want, find what you are afraid of most and go live there. It’s OK to be scared and unsure sometimes. Be honest when honesty seems foolish, be optimistic when optimism is scarce, be proud when pride begets ridicule, be kind when kindness is inconvenient, and you will be just fine.

Happy birthday. :)



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