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Twenty Seven

There will never be a wrong time to say this, but I really do think you are shaping up as a fine young lady. There are still some kooks and kinks burrowed somewhere under that impeccable camouflage of yours which perhaps you’re still figuring out how to refine, but if there is one thing I am allowed to tell you, it’ll be this – nothing that could be taken away from you you cannot learn to live without. Pre-conceptive fear included. Are your preemptive measures against failure stopping you from taking risks? You’re a tough lass, you’ll suck it up just fine. Don’t silent the rebel in you, I like her. You are fickle and impulsive, too loud, talk too much and have the tendency to be self-righteous. I’d ask you to tone down all of those traits but you already know that, don’t you? You care too much and too abundantly, I’m still undecided if this is a gift or a curse. You know that voice in you that tells you to be rational and cautious? Yeah. Don’t listen to her. When you worry about being too fiery, too fast, too furious, bring along some friends, they’ll cushion the impact. They’ll hate you but they’ll still love you because they are awesome. And what the hell happened to your penchant for mischief? You should get back your groove of getting into trouble, just for the heck of it, y’know. Before you’re too old and too jaded. Sometimes I think you are a tad too … squarish, you know what I mean? Let loose a lil, you owe it to yourself. Your dreams and ambitions are too precious to be traded with money or status or any of those societal normalcy bullcrap. You’re not cut out for that. Read more, write more, sing more, play more music and stop eating crappy food. Celebrate your wit and spontaneity, but wish upon yourself also the wisdom to live and let live, the capacity to embrace kindness, the magnanimity to forgive humanely faults and the courage to laugh in the face of danger.  Live a little, breathe a little, dance a little, love a little, laugh a little and you will be just fine. I’m not going to wish you a smoothsailing year ahead, but I do wish you the strength to overcome all adversity, the tenacity to piss in the wind and the guts to stare down the barrel of a gun. Oh and, stop biting your nails.

Happy birthday. :)



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