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Daily Walks

The immediate effect of too much partying is – you are never more convinced that you are growing old because you can’t remember what happened at all.

The best thing that came out of the hedonistic escapades is I got an awesome toy giraffe. It dances and bounces its head to my command and I havent been so happy with a toy (well, at least not one that doesnt need batteries haha) for a long time.

I like my daily walks on my way to work. The journey brings me through mountains, snow, heavy doors that closes with a remarkably gentle thud, long dark corridor that leads to another long dark corridor, and the best of them all – a warmly heated restaurant with the smell of freshly brewed coffee and murmurs from people who are 7/10 awake. I love it. I love the tingling aroma of sweet and briskness of it and I love how I love it.

And then I rejoice in the notion that despite the superficiality of drunken capers and fake intimacy, I still feel my heart beat in joy of simple things like a toy giraffe and fresh coffee.



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