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Thirty One

The past year has been a steady stream of incremental changes. Like hot lava preparing for rupture, the murmuring bubbles are a premonition of what is to come. You seem to have come to terms with the demise of your carefree youth, and gotten a stronger hold of your insecurities. Good for you. But try not to let this growing up shit asphyxiate that inner child of yours, ok? Indulge in frivolous pursuits once in a while, laughter is sexy. And while we’re on that subject, I don’t like your long hair. It makes you look tired. You failed spectacularly at your resolution to write more and better. But I see you are changing this with the start of the new year. Keep that up. And remember this: your phone is not an organ. It won’t die if you detach it and won’t be sad if you don’t hold it to sleep. Your husband, on the other hand, is a living organism with needs and feelings. Technology should enhance your life, not get in its way. So get off the computer sometimes and go fly a kite or something. Most of the best things in life are ephemeral. But so are pain, disappointment and the inconvenience of changing postcodes. The last time you moved across continents it brought you exquisite heartaches, transformational growth, lifelong friendships and the love of your life. You are probably bristling with plans this time. But be careful of hope. Try not to let the unbearable lightness of effervescence inflate your sense of self. Beware of the false consolation that is your comfort zone. This epoch might never come again, so stretch, leap, offend, be experimental and create something that will last, or at least make a dent. There is a time to earn, and a time to learn. It’s OK to be a nerd for a while. Money will follow, trust me. Read wildly and promiscuously. Read for the pleasure of discovering magic through someone else’s words, and for the tranquillity it affords your loaded and wearisome days. Speak less, observe more, eat your greens and do more sports. Stay healthy. Everything else is secondary. I wish you my very best for your journey down under. Bring along your grit, brilliance, tenacity and optimism – it’s time to strut that pair of hunting boots you ballsy young lady.

Happy birthday. :)



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